Our Club

Yale Tango Club welcomes undergraduate, graduate, postdocs and students from other institutions as well as community members. Come dance with us!

The club was created by a group of tango-dancing Yale graduate students in January 2003. Our Yale Tango Club founding President and DJ extraordinaire is Tine Herreman!

We dance every Sunday and often midweek, as well. The Tango Club organizes inexpensive classes for Yale students, postdocs and the broader public. Our classes and workshops with visiting celebrity tango teachers are a big success! We have real DJs, some of whom play at tango venues around the Northeast. We organize tango field trips to New York, Boston, Providence, Princeton (Tango Fest), Montreal (Tango Fling). The Yale Tango Club CD Library is a fabulous free resource for members.

We rely on the generous time and effort of volunteers who make all of our events possible. All proceeds for our events go towards helping fund classes and workshops with amazing teachers from around the world. In order to attract the best teachers and keep our classes and events affordable we require collective effort from a community that we hope will also benefit from our classes and events. If you can help out, please contact us at: yaletangoclub@gmail.com. Thank you!


Organizers: Corina Grigore, James McDougal, Caroline Alyse
Treasurer: James McDougal
Webmaster: Sigma Colon

Organizers: Jun Yi and Nadia Hope
Treasurer: David Durham
Webmaster: Sigma Colon

Co-Presidents: Jun Yi and David Durham
Advertising: Christopher Ash
Webmaster: Sigma Colon

Co-Presidents: Jessica Keiser and Sigma Colon
Treasurer: Will Kong
Cabinet: David Durham and Alex Chern

Co-Presidents: Heewon Suh and Danielle Krasner
Treasurer: Will Kong
Complaints Department: John Murray
Webmistress: Susan Jacob

President: Brianna Sullivan
Treasurer: John Murray

President: Chuck Jakobsche
Treasurer: John Murray